Privacy Policy

General Directions

This data protection policy will provide information about the type, scope and purpose of the handling of personal data (as of now shortly called “data“) within our company and all related online offers.

Responsible site in the purposes of the data protection policy is:

Gebrüder Kuhn GmbH & Co. KG
Schmucksteinschleiferei und Gravuren
Hauptstraße 5
55758 Mörschied

Rights to get Information, correct, block, delete and revoke

You have the right to ask for access to any personal information that we keep in our records about you, to correct any inaccuracies and to update any out-of-date information. In some circumstances, you have the right to request the erasure of your personal information (except the mandatory data storage for business processing) or a restriction of its use. Please send us an e-mail to: .
In order to block your data at any time, it has to be saved in a lock file for control purposes. You can also demand the deletion of the data if no lawful obligation to archive the data exists. In case an obligation exists, we will block the data upon request. In all other cases, the data will be delete in accordance with our processes.
You can ask for changes or demand the reconciliation of the approval by giving us the corresponding message.

Collaboration with Processors and Third Parties

In case we share, transfer or give access to the data with other people or companies (processors or third parties) within the processing, it will solely happen either on a lawful basis, with your consent, if a legal obligation includes this process, or on the basis of both of our interests (f.ex. delivery with DHL, FedEx, etc.).
In case we instruct third parties to process data on the basis of a so-called „Order processing Contract“, the GDPR art. 28 will be the basis.

Right to appeal to the Responsible Supervising Authority

In the event of breaching the data protection, the person concerned has the right to appeal to the supervising authority. The responsible authority for data protection matters is the General Data Protection Regulation Representative of the federal Land (of the Federal Republic of Germany) where the company is located. A list of General Data Protection Regulation Representative as well as their contact information is shown here:

Adjustments of our Data Protection Regulations

We reserve the right to adjust this data protection occasionally. This will ensure the conformity with legal claims or the ability to change our services with the data protection, for example with implementing new services. The new data protection regulations will be valid upon your next visit.

Revocation against E-Mails containing Advertisements

The usage of the data published in accordance with the obligation to provide a masthead and to send not specifically demanded advertisement and information material is hereby prohibited. The operators of the websites reserve the right to take legal actions in case of a unsolicited transfer of advertisements, for example spam mails.

Collection of information on our website

Collection of all General Information

If you visit our website, general information are automatically collected. This information (server log files) contain for example the type of web browser, the operating system, the domain name of your internet service provider. Only information that do not provide information about the person itself are concerned. The information is necessary for technical reasons in order to deliver contents that you are trying to see on the website. They are mandatory for the use of the internet. Anonymous information of this kind statistically analyzed to optimize our internet performance and the technology included.


Like most platforms, we address and use cookies and similar technologies that allow us to recognize you and to customize your experience, and provide us with information about the way our visitors access our Platform for example IP-addresses, browser, OS of your computer for internet connection.
Cookies can not be used to start a program or download viruses to a computer. We use cookies to enhance the online experience of our visitors (for example, by remembering your language and/or product preferences) and to understand how our Platform is used.
The data collected by us is never given to any third parties nor will there be a link to personal data without your consent.
You can also use the website without cookies. All internet browsers are generally set to accept cookies. You can deactivated the use of cookies through your internet browser. Make sure to use the tools of your internet browser to get information about how to change the settings. Please note that some features may not work anymore if you choose to deactivate cookies.


To ensure the safety of your data during the transmission, we use the most updated technology for the encryption method (f. ex. SSL) with HTTPS.

Contact Form

You can contact us via e-mail or by using the contact form. The data that you provide to process any requests is saved.

Usage of Script Libraries (Google Webfonts)

To display our content correctly and graphically appealing in all browsers, we use script and font libraries like Google Webfonts ( Google Webfonts are being transferred to the cache of your browser in order to prevent multiple loadings. If the browser does not support the Google Webfonts or does not allow access, the contents will be displayed in a standard font.
The loading of script or font libraries automatically activates a connection to the provider of the library. During this process, it is theoretically possible – but also uncertain if and to what extent – that the provider of the concerned library collects data.
The data protection regulations of the provider of the Google libraries can be found here:

The data protection regulation was created and individually completed with the Datenschutzerklärungs- Generator of the activeMind AG .