60 years of Quality, know-how, precision and tradition

The initially small gemstone cutting operation founded by Emil Kuhn in 1953 with just two employees has evolved into an internationally active company. Soon, his son Günter Kuhn joined him and developed the company with his innovative ideas into a modern production site. Over the course of three generations it has grown, new production facilities have been added and technological advances have been made. Today, the company is run by Susanne Schuler and Sabine Herbert, grand-daughters of Emil Kuhn. The firm now employs over 30 people and has long since established itself as a reliable supplier for many internationally renowned manufacturers of gold, silver and stainless steel jewellery.

The cutting factory in Mörschied, near Idar-Oberstein, Germany, supplies a broad range of gemstones which are cut into plenty of different shapes. They include standard cuts like stones for rings and cufflinks, cabochons, drops, cylinders, balls or inlays. But above all is Gebrüder Kuhn well known for their incredible large offer for precise individual customer demands. They respond with high flexibility to customized inquiries.

In addition, drilling, milling and laser engraving is also carried out on the site. Modern, CNC-controlled machines enable to serve the high demands of the market - accurate and precise cuts mainly for large premium series.

Image of the "Sky Disc of Nebra"

here in Uwarowite with 18ct. gold segments

The “Sky Disc of Nebra”- discovered in 1999 - is one of the earliest representations of the night sky with specific astronomical content and one of the most important archeological findings in bronce age. The original, a disc out of bronce with a weight of two kilograms, diameter approx. 32 cm, was found on the mountain “Mittelberg” near the town Nebra in the state of Saxony-Anhalt in Central Germany. It shines greenish - golden segments are interpreted as horizon sectors, ship, moon, sun and stars. People used the disc for estimating midsummer and midwinter times. Actually the original is exhibited in “Landesmuseum für Vorgeschichte” in Halle, Germany.

Exclusive pendula

Diamonds set in Eternity-rings in 18ct. yellow or white gold combine fine cut cones and cabochons to an elegant pendulum. Quartzes or opaque kinds of stones create a harmonic unity. Matching to the larger pendant stones there are smaller sizes for rings or earrings available.